Today, 21 of the UK’s newly elected MEP’s (members of parliament that represent us in Europe) signed a pledge of support for advancing LGBT rights over the next 5 years.

Sounds good doesn’t it?! That’s until you realise that’s out of 73. It also looks far worse when you look at the total amount across the whole of Europe, which shows that only 185 MEP’s out of the 751 available, have signed up.

Its worth noting that the MEP’s in agreement with advancing LGBT rights were all Labour and Green party, with NO conservative or UKIP support given.

Is this a sign of things to come now that far-right parties have taken their place in history by sending shockwaves throughout Europe on Sunday night? Can we expect to see more of this kind of reversal in the original success made by the hard work of pro LGBT charities and individuals over the last two decades?

Many LGBT people have learnt not to live in fear, have gained trust and confidence in the world around them, and in deed have entered politics to help shape the world into a better place for other future LGBT people. But the ‘protest’ voting that happened within the last week could have the opportunity of wiping out all of that hard work, and send our world back into a discriminating and unequal place, where sub cultures of society feel the only way to blend in is to lie and to hide.

Its been suggested that the Conservatives loss of votes could be partly down to their support for Equal marriage. Its also thought that UKIP’s shine partly comes from their support against equality for non traditional families and marriages.

This then suggests that Europe has sent a clear and loud message that equality is not something we believe in. We don’t want people to live in harmony, we don’t want people to feel confident in themselves, we don’t want everyone to have the same rights, and we definitely don’t want people being truthful and happy and trusting. And above all else, we don’t believe in marriage equality for all.

We are far better off believing in a god (the character we cant see), following the word of the bible (a book, just like ‘The Grinch that Stole Christmas’, ‘Harry Potter’ or ’50 Shades of Grey’ are books), and only allowing hetrosexuals to marry because they are doing such a great job of it with divorces rates being expected at MORE than two thirds of all marriages that currently take place, here in the UK alone.

Why change things for the better when old mistakes are so easy to make, so well rehearsed, and so popular amongst the voters?!

The flip side is the actual voting statistics from Sunday. What can we take away from actually knowing how any people bothered to vote on Sundays election? That’s where the promising and positive outlook maybe hiding…

ONLY 34% of the UK bothered to go out and vote. In average, over the whole of Europe, ONLY 43% of people registered their votes.

So who would the other two thirds of votes here in the UK alone have gone to? Is it possible that this round of voting was a UKIP inspired shot at politics that would never make it past European elections? Haven’t we seen similar previous efforts (and gains) made by other similar bigoted parties in history, such as the British National Party, who have now almost declined into oblivion?! Will UKIP do the same?

Im going to hold on to the belief that this round of voting was not actually taken seriously by the general public in the UK (or in deed in Europe as a whole), and that the decent British people wanted to let UKIP have their moment in the spot light. A tease, if you like, at what could (but never will be) theirs. Come the General Election in 2015, once again the Great British public will show their support towards the hard work and gains made in equalities and rights for all, including the LGBT members of society, and once again protest parties like UKIP will have to dream on at ever taking hold of this place we call home.

If hope and belief are all we have right now, lets embrace them and work towards a more accepting and inclusive future for us all.

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