Ray Isaac Who I Am Album cover-med

In a youth-focussed music market stacked with songs about violence, taking drugs and drinking to excess; Ray Isaac is set to launch his unique new album WHO I AM on the 20th May 2014.

This talented musician and DJ understands the importance of young people feeling comfortable in their own skin and challenging bullying and negative self-image; so much so that the lead track on the new album is themed around anti-bullying and the celebration of our many differences. This is not a token gesture towards the fight for equality, it is an anthem for all that is good; an uplifting, empowering tune which many will find comfort in.

Ray who himself was bullied, will be sending out his video to schools and LGBT organisation in order to provide a soundtrack to help promote healing of the hurt and pain caused by bullying.

The album will be launching on all digital stores on the 20th May 2014 in the UK, USA and Australia.


We love WHO I AM and we give it FIVE OUT OF FIVE.


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