A new campaign has been launched in Scotland (UK) which calls for the Scottish Parliament to make representations to the Scottish Government for the introduction of compulsory LGBTI+ education in all schools. The campaign, Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) has highlighted the findings of the Stonewall Schools Report 2012 which confirmed that young LGBTI+ people are often isolated at school with many disengaging or simply not attending.

TIE has launched a petition at the Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee and you can sign the petition online at http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/gettinginvolved/petitions/tiecampaign  or via shortlink http://www.lgbtnetwork.eu/tie

In launching the campaign, Jordan Daly a 20 year old student at Glasgow University said

“The current Scottish Education System allows schools to opt-out of progressive teaching programmes that include LGBTI youth. If we truly are a forward thinking society, then we need a progressive and inclusive education system to reflect this. 

“Schools are the biggest breeding grounds of homophobia, and if we want to tackle this – then we have to ensure that topics relating to the LGBTI community are on the curriculum. T.I.E. will be petitioning Parliament, calling for such an inclusive education to be statutory in all schools. The time to act is now.”

TIE’s co-organiser Liam Stevenson explained that he believes there has to be a ‘fundamental reform’ of Scotland’s educational curriculum and that support must be made available to young people struggling to accept themselves. He continued

“As a progressive nation, we have a duty of care to our youth – thus, with the T.I.E. campaign, we will be urging the Scottish Government to make the inclusion of LGBTI+ topics and issues statutory across our schools, in order to tackle homophobia more effectively and allow all kids to learn in a safe and inclusive environment.”

Our Chair Rob McDowall supports the campaign and added in adding his name to the petition, said

“I applaud the petitioners campaign to have a more LGBTI+ representative curriculum taught in Scotland’s schools. Young people need to be empowered to reject bigotry in all its forms, and by embracing the positive contributions of our LGBTI+ community we can challenge the heteronormative attitudes which all too often colour our view. 

Our education priorities need to evolve to ensure Scotland is at the vanguard of the diverse attitudes in our ever-changing society.”

You can get involved in the campaign by signing and sharing the petition, liking the campaign’s Facebook page, Tweeting @TieCampaign and joining in the conversation using the hashtag #TIE.