> Our Chair

The LGBT Network is a network of campaigners, activists, human rights
advocates… and the list goes on, the network was setup with one single
over-reaching aim which was to:

“represent the LGBTQ community in everything we do”

Seems like a big aim? Seems very open? It is! We are all different, gay, bi,
trans, brown hair, blue eyes, some people are students, some work part time
while others are still in school – we don’t like putting people into boxes.

We are here to help the community, highlight issues, publicise the good and
the bad and ensure LGBTQ is not just a ‘tick box’ exercise on the government’s
agenda. We do not take any funding from government, which allows us to speak our
mind freely. We will never be afraid to say what we believe to be true and that
is what makes us different. Due to the nature of cases and campaigns we get
involved in at the LGBT Network, a lot of our members are camera shy and prefer
supporting from behind our net curtains – just because they are not named here
does not mean they do not support us and contribute to the network.

Our mission statement

The LGBT Network is committed to enabling the fullest participation of all
members of the community in influencing policy making, and achieving equity for
LGBTQ citizens

HM Revenue and Customs Charity Number – CR61490

GCVS Registered – GCVS/S2008-B229